ALTIVIA, headquartered in Houston, TX is an experienced manufacturer and distributor of chemicals primarily for Water Treatment.

Acid Chlorides


ALTIVIA produces phosgene-based intermediates including Acid Chlorides, chloroformates, and custom products.

Phosgene derivatives are used in the production of additives, surfactants, personal care products, and agrochemical products.

Production Capabilities & Customization: ALTIVIA’s Chemical Complex located in La Porte, Texas produces phosgene which is used for batch and continuous processes to produce a variety of chemical intermediates.

ALTIVIA’s LaPorte Chemical Complex has a 50 year history in the production of phosgene derivatives, constantly developing new products and technologies, and an exceptional safety record.

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1100 Louisiana St. Suite 4800 Houston, TX 77002
(713) 658-9000 or Toll Free: 866-ALTIVIA