ALTIVIA, headquartered in Houston, TX is an experienced manufacturer and distributor of chemicals primarily for Water Treatment.

Management Team

J. Michael Jusbasche (Chief Executive Officer)

J. Michael Jusbasche is the CEO of ALTIVIA. In 1986, he founded ALTIVIA Corporation, the predecessor company focusing on products, services and technology for the treatment of Drinking and Wastewater. The commodity business of the company was sold to Brenntag in December of 2012 and ALTIVIA Chemicals LLC, the successor company, continues to focus on water treatment with specialties in coagulation chemistry.

Mr. Jusbasche has more than 25 years’ experience in the chemical industry. Previously, Mr. Jusbasche served as Chief Executive Officer of ALCOA - Coastal Chemicals; Managing Partner of Continental Coastal Company; and Reservoir Engineer for Shell Oil Company.

He earned his Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering, Cum Laude from Texas A & M University. He holds a Master of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering and an Engineering Degree with a Management Option from the Graduate School of Business and the School of Earth Sciences, both from Stanford University.

Louis G. Huey (Chief Operating Officer)

Louis (Louie) Huey is the COO of ALTIVIA. He has been with ALTIVIA since 2003 and served as Chief Operating Officer since 2007. Mr. Huey is responsible for the day to day operations of ALTIVIA businesses, including its aluminum polymers interests. He along with Mr. Jusbasche focus on the development of new business ventures supporting the strategic growth of the company.

Mr. Huey’s experience includes a twenty-nine year career in Marketing and Business Management working for Diamond Shamrock Chemical and Occidental Chemical Corporation, where he held a number of management positions in the Chlor Alkali Group including Vice President of Potassium Chemicals Business and Director of Distributor Sales.

He attended the University of Tennessee and Memphis State University, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business in 1974.

Fred Stahelin (Chief Financial Officer)

Fred Stahelin joined ALTIVIA Corporation in 2000. He currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer for ALTIVIA, responsible for the company’s business and financial planning, financial accounting and administrative management, economic evaluation of capital projects and business processes.

Mr. Stahelin’s 30-plus years of experience include increasingly responsible positions in business planning, accounting and financial administration in the natural gas pipeline, oil & gas exploration and chemical manufacturing industries.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Michigan State University and an MBA in Financial Administration from the University of Chicago.

Brian Redmond (President, ALTIVIA Petrochemicals, LLC)

Brian Redmond has a 25-year history in energy and commodities and has a proven track record in managing industrial companies. Recently, as a principal of Paragon Energy Holdings, Redmond originated, financed, and managed a portfolio of energy investments. Previously, Mr. Redmond held positions as President of Houston Pipeline Company, President of Louisiana Resource Company, and Managing Director of Enron.

He recently served on the Board of Directors of Primary Energy Recycling Corporation (TSX:PRI), and currently serves on the boards of Saguaro Power LP and Deepwater Wind LLC.

Redmond holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard Business School, a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

1100 Louisiana St. Suite 4800 Houston, TX 77002
(713) 658-9000 or Toll Free: 866-ALTIVIA