ALTIVIA, headquartered in Houston, TX is an experienced manufacturer and distributor of chemicals primarily for Water Treatment.


Ferrous Sulfate (FeSO4)
Liquid Solution

ALTIVIA produces Ferrous Sulfate which is primarily used for odor control in water and wastewater treatment. Another significant use is for Chlorite reduction when chlorine dioxide is used in pre-treatment of raw water or where high levels of Chlorite are present. Ferrous Sulfate can be produced in two strengths, 5% Fe2+ and 7% Fe2+, depending on the customer’s requirements.

ALTIVIA’s Ferrous Sulfate is NSF approved and meets all NSF/ANSI Standard 60 requirements.

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Ferrous Sulfate (5% Fe2+)
Ferrous Sulfate (7% Fe2+)

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